Content Portal

Empower your audience

The Portal

In the portal you handle everything from integrating with content providers like Fuse Universal, YouTube, Sharepoint, a Fileshare to loading custom video and document content.

Learning Platform

Bring light to your processes, the how-to in your application, guides, tips and tricks. Your users will love you for it.

Social Learning

The efficient way of learning by making it a joint and fun task to supply knowledge to your collegues.


Our Performance Support Tool have proven to be unique and most efficient in an on-the-job learning process.

Fast Setup

Signup for a license, then install the PowerGuides Tool from Microsoft Store and you're ready to creating great learning experiences.

Free Version

We offer a free product to help you get started. You only pay as you grow.


To get the full value out of your license, you can contact our support team any time.